Darth Vader Advice

Crazy Tanning Lady Patricia Krentcil Banned

That crazy tanning lady Patricia Krentcil, is now being banned from over 60 tanning salons in the tri-state area. Krentcil is from Jersey but she takes GTL = Gym, Tan, Laundry – to a whole new level. Continue reading →

Dairy Cow With Mad Cow Disease

Mad cow disease was just confirmed in California. Here are a few warning signs of mad cow disease:

1) The cow will be wearing a top-hat.

2) Most mad cows will also be wearing a dress coat and bow tie.

3) The cow will insist on having a tea party(The cow will provide the milk). Continue reading →

Steve Harvey Beats Zac Efron at The Box Office

Who would you rather see at the movies – Zac Efron or comedian and host of Family Feud Steve Harvey? Survey says – Steve Harvey!

That’s right, more people went to see Stevey Harvey’s film Think Like a Man then Efron’s first fully adult role in The Lucky One.
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Katy Perry in 3D

Katy Perry is coming to a theater near you in 3D. Yes, 3D is not only for epic movies like Titanic, or the blue aliens of Avatar; now you get to see Katy Perry’s blue hair right in your face.

The documentary concert movie looks good and I can think of at least two reasons why I wouldn’t mind seeing Katy Perry in 3D…

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Titanic 3D Special Edition Scenes

Titanic is back on the big screen, this time in 3D. I wonder if James Cameron will pull a Lucas and add unnecessary extra scenes?
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Cee Lo Green Dinosaur Arms

I started out drawing a picture of Cee Lo Green, then before I knew it, this T-Rex/Cee Lo mash-up came out. It somehow fits. Cee Lo does have tiny Tyrannosaurus arms. Continue reading →

The Funniest Show on TV

The TV show that makes me laugh out loud consistently is not The Big Bang Theory, Community, or Parks and Rec. In fact, it’s not even a sitcom – it’s TMZ the television show.

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What Americas Sweetheart Kacie B. is Thinking

Courtney Robertson – Winning or Losing?

According to rumors and internet gossip Courtney Robertson has won the final rose and Ben Flajnik’s heart on The Bachelor. Courtney was rude and mean to most of the other women and acted like a female version of Charlie Sheen with all of her ‘Winning’ remarks.

On this weeks episode, I actually felt bad for Courtney. All the previous dumped women came back to tell all – and gave Courtney a piece of their mind. Courtney seemed really hurt, by not only what the other women were saying, but by watching how she behaved on the show. Roberston even broke down crying.

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