When asked about the intense media attention on Britney Spears by Yo on E!, Madonna said “They need to step off!” and re-invented herself into SuperMadge and added ” For real. . . Lets go save her.”

At once the Material girl swooped into action. Armed with more than music muscle, Madge has four other weapons in her arsenal.

 1) The Frappuccino-Trappuccino. It pumps out any left over Caffeine-addicted Starbucks gunk, and eliminates all Frap residue from the body.

 2) Madonna’s wearing her ‘Pointy Brassier of Truth’, which can block any negative and malicious lie the tabloids can throw at Brit.

3) Madonna is loaded with an arm-full of red Kabbalah bracelets to ward-off the ‘Evil-Eye’ of the paparazzi ( and persuade foolish people into spending ridiculous amounts of money on a red string.)

4) Like a Virgin Scrub. The scrub can wash off any previous bad behavior, nicotine teeth, crack-hands, Cheetos fingers, and return Britney to the squeaky-clean time of years past.