Britney Spears and her great grandmother  Lillian

Remember when Britney Spears lost her mind earlier this year? Of course you do. For a few weeks during her meltdown, Brit lost her marbles - but gained a British accent. She was heard all over Hollywood, speaking with a thick, cockney accent that Eliza Doolittle would be proud of!

It turns out, Britney has long family ties in England, and her great grandmother is a near mirror image of the pop-princess! The resemblances aren’t just on the outside.

Great granny Lillian loved to dance the Jitterbug and “had a passion for music.” I’m sure Britney inherited Lillians love of dance, albeit more scantily clad.

Although generations apart, they also share the same eyes, nose, and smile! Oh, they also amazingly have the same skull!

Lets just hope granny Lillian never got caught partying without her knickers on!