ET sequel

Steven Spielberg and Drew Barrymore are secretly working on a sequel to the popular 1982 movie E.T.

According to The National Enquirer (hey, they were right about the John Edwards affair!)  Spielberg’s storyline has E.T. returning to Earth because he longs to see Gertie – the little girl who’s now grown up to be his adult human friend.

After seeing how much Gertie has changed in 27 years, I have a feeling E.T. is going to want to be friends with benefits! Aliens have their needs too!

Now that Gertie’s grown up, E.T. wont have to get drunk alone again.  Hopefully his drag queen days are over too?

et in drag

I think they should call the sequel, E.T. 2: Earth Girls are Easy or E.T. 2: The Extra Testosterone