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Michael Jackson’s Memorial

I just finished watching the memorial for Michael Jackson. With one of the biggest funerals of all time and now the question of where he will be buried; Michael can now be called ‘The King of Plot’.

Jackson’s memorial at the Staples center featured many celebrities, friends, family, and oddly, John Mayer, – remembering and honoring the late star. I couldn’t help but wonder why Bubbles wasn’t invited?

For a few years during the late 80′s, Bubbles the chimp knew Michael best! I guess he wasn’t one of the lucky 9,000 who got a wristband and a ticket to the Memorial?

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Michael Jackson Memorial: Biggest.Funeral.Ever.

The hottest tickets in the world right now, are not for Madonna, Miley Cyrus, or the Jonas Brothers; in fact, it’s not even for a concert.

The tickets, that are going for huge bucks on ebay, are for Michael Jackson’s memorial service! Tuesdays memorial at the Staples Center in LA, is going to be the biggest funeral ever!

The Staples Center only hold a little over 8,000, and over 1.2 million people signed up for tickets!

I really think they should have hid tickets inside of Wonka Bar’s. I think Michael would have liked that? They would have sold a million bars!

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Twilight Barbie Dolls Coming Soon

Hey girls, have you ever wanted to get your hands around ‘Twilight’ hunk, Robert Pattinson? Well, you’ll get your chance this November when ‘Twilight’ comes to the Barbie universe.

You can recreate all the fun and bad dialogue of the teen-vampire drama with the poseable dolls of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Interestingly, the plastic Barbie dolls seem more animated and lifelike than their movie counterparts?

I think Barbie has actually been a vampire all along? That girl has not aged in 50 years! Who knew, besides Joan Rivers, that being made of plastic is just as good as the immortality of a vampire?

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Kevin Jonas is Taking Off His Purity Ring

Kevin Jonas is trading his purity ring for a wedding band; the Jo bro with the biggest fro, popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Danielle Deleasa, Wednesday.

Deleasa’s reply was “yes,yes,yes, like 500 times”, says Kevin.

So what does this mean for the future of The Jonas Brothers? Well, honestly not much. Kevin has always been the least popular Jo Bro. If Nick or Joe Jonas announced they were getting engaged, I’m sure the sound ‘heartbreak’ could be heard from 12 year old girls around the world.

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Johnny Depp to Play Michael Jackson?

Can you imagine Johnny Depp bringing Michael Jackson’s life story to the big screen? Depp’s name is on a short-list of actors to portray the gloved one.

I don’t think the idea is so far fetched, I mean, Depp has played a man with scissors for hands, for crying out loud. We all know Johnny is a great actor, but can he dance?

Think about it, if you combine the child-like innocence of Edward Scissorhands, Jack Sparrow’s wrekless adventure, with the sexual ambiguous Willy Wonka, and you have a latter-day Michael Jackson!

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