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Mondays hid-N-gems

Danica Mckellar aka Winnie Cooper to you and me, marries a Fred Savage look-a-like!

Josh Grobin kissed a girl!

Proof that 3 Million people can be wrong!

Just like I thought from watching the promos – there are problems with ‘Parks and Recreation’.

Fridays hid-N-gems

A Camp announce US Tour dates! I’ll be at the SF date for sure!

Here’s some cool OctoMom art.

Are you watching Josh Schwartz’s (creator of The OC, Chuck, Gossip Girl) new web series Rockville CA? You should!

A Naked Gun: 4 script is circulating?

Tuesdays hid-N-gems

Superdrag’s new album Indusrty Giants is out today! Go buy it – it’s great!

DJ AM wants $20 Million for plane wreck!

That 70′s Show star gets engaged.

This actor was voted Sexiest Irishman. It’s not Bono!

Mondays hid-N-gems

Check out these Character designs from Disneys The Princess and the Frog

Dora the explorer get a tween makeover.

OctoMom spends $1,000 at MAC counter!

Jessica Simpson is forgetful, whats new?

Fridays hid-N-gems

OctoMom’s new house gets TP’d. HAHA!

Jimmy Fallon wins first week ratings. I think he’s doing a great job too!

Michael Jackson is selling tickets like its 1984!

happy Friday!

Thursdays hid-N-gems

Britney’s latest video If You Seek Amy is HERE. Now, if she’ll only make Unusual You the next single!

Remember Right Said Fred? There coming back to a catwalk near you.

Jennifer Love Hewitt may be dating her Ghost Whisperer costar?

This goofy looking guy is going to direct the third Twilight film, Eclipse.

Wednesdays hid-N-gems

These two future A-list stars are about to have a Tea Party.

Bristol Palin and baby-daddy split!

American Idol unveils ‘Veto Power’ tonight.

Tuesdays hid-N-gems

Is this actor replacing Christian Bale in the next Batman movie?

Move over Baby Spice. Sporty Spice shows off her baby.

Michael J. Fox is returning to TV.

Madonna turns into daughter Lourdes

Tuesdays hid-N-gems

I wonder what pink Dolphin tastes like? Cotton Candy perhaps?

Jimmy Fallon looked nervous in his debut, that’s understandable, Us has a round up of quick reviews.

Gloria Estefan says goodbye. I thought she left years ago?

Wednesdays his-N-gems

Blast! I really wanted Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody to get back together! [PageSix]

That hot Indian girl from ‘Slumdog‘ might secretly be married?? [Scandalist]

You can bid on some of Michael Jackson’s personal belongings. Wash them first. [AprilW]

I’m calling it now: Alexis Grace or Danny Gokey will win American Idol this year. I’m glad People so far agreeswith me. I have a pretty good track record, I picked Kelly Clarkson pretty early, and Carry Underwood when there was still like 150 contestants! Although I stumbled on Jordan Sparks and Fantasia, although, I believe America got it wrong on those!