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Donald Trump VS Anne Hathaway

Donald Trump Street Fighter Anne Hathaway

Donald Trump has picked another fight, this time with ‘Get Smart‘ star, Anne Hathaway. Anne recently dumped her alleged con man and Zack Braff look-a-like boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. The Donald believes that Anne was only dating him for his money. He told Access Hollywood,

“She hasn’t remained very loyal to him, has she? So when he had plenty of money, she liked him, but then after that, not as good, right?”

Isn’t Melania Trump only with Donald for the money?!? He must be worried about his wife getting any ideas?

Looks like Anne Hathaway wont be invited on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ anytime soon. The Donald may have to  start up ‘Celebrity Street Fighter’ – soon all celebrities will want to smack him!

Street Fighter Celebrity

“Dont touch the hair!”

OJ wants to join ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’

OJ on the apprentice

OJ, by default . . . your hired! 

OJ Simpson wants to take a stab at NBC’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ According to the NY Post, the formal football star and double murder aquittee,  has asked Donald Trump if he can appear on the next instalment of the show.  OJ “really wants to do it”, and the scary part is that the Donald and NBC are reportedly “thinking about it”.

There’s alot of back-stabbing on the Apprentice as it is; imagine being in the board room against the Juice! Nobody would want to get on his bad side. I feel the worst for Ivanka Trump; OJ has a history with tall, blond girls! . . .Hope she’s not dating anyone . . . just sayin

Would you watch if OJ was on? It’s kind of like a car accident, or a crime scene; you have to look!

Donald Trump Wants Ashley Dupre

Uncle Trump

 Spitzer scandal call-girl Ashley Dupre can go from  Hooker to “Hired”, if Donald Trump has his way.  The Donald wants to pimp her out on his new reality show based on My Fair Lady. Guess Ashley could sing “On the Street Where You Live.”

The show will take a handful of party girls and turn them into refined sophisticated women. But, before trying to mold these women, the Trumpster should tame his hair first. So far he makes an awful Rex Hairison!

The Apprentice Finale

Celebrity apprentice cast

The Finale of Celebrity Apprentice aired Thursday night. And it started with  Donald Trump saying, ” Twelve weeks ago, I gathered 14 of the most successful celebrities. . .” I almost fell out of my chair. Most of the cast I wouldn’t call celebrities, and successful ones at that!? His comment was as nearly exaggerated as Hillary Clinton’s recollection of Bosnia! Maybe the Donald misspoke?

Lets take a look at the cast, starting with the top-tier, or D-list ones!

apprentice cast, D-list

Next we have the Second tier people.

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Wednesdays hid-N-gems!

Watch some of your favorite shows as Hulu launches today!

Barron Trump looks like a Mini Me version of the Donald.

The Trailer for Lost Boys 2:The Tribe is online, and it has Autumn Resser of the O.C. in it! Im there for sure!