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Thursdays hid-N-gems

Here is the new ‘Mummy 3′ poster.

Paris Hilton is “wife material”.

Some pictures of Madonna’s free concert are here.

Tuesdays hid-N-gems

If you find this pig, you could get $10,000 and life-long Coachella tickets!

Did Princess Leia(Carrie Fisher) and Han Solo(Harrison Ford) have a real-life love connection??

Hard Candy is in stores today. Go buy it. Have a dance party.

Tuesdays hid-N-gems

EW reviews Madonna’s Hard Candy.

This dog does not like Natalie Portman.

Tom’s son Connor Cruise, makes film debut.

Friday’s hid-N-gems!

burglar.jpgGuess it wasn’t working? Britney removes Kabbalah tatoo.

Could you be Paris Hilton’s new BFF??

Madonna’s new album cover is revealed. Do you like it?