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The Clintons: Daydream Believers

Bill and Hillary

” you may say I’m a dreamer. . .”

Senator Barack Obama picked up 9 more Superdelegate votes and a key Labor endorsement Friday, adding more pressure on rival Hillary Clinton to end her bid for the White House. But that has not stopped Hillary and Bill from the delusion that they can actually win this thing. She revealed her new strategy late Friday while stumping in Louisville, Ky. She told a crowd of her supporters, “delegate math may be complicated, but the electoral math is easy.”

Yes, the math is “complicated” because there is no way possible to make it work for her! Its impossible for Hillary and Yoko Bill to get 2,025 delegates without those pledged delegates overturning the will of the voting public; the working class hero’s, which would cause outrage. Power to the people!

It will be interesting to watch the ballad of Hillary and Bill over the next few weeks, and the mind games they spin!

The Race is Over

Hillary Clinton Gets Buzzed!

Hillary Clinton Buzzed

Hillary: she’s just like us; or so she would like us to believe! Mrs Clinton (and a camera crew) went to Bronko’s bar in Indiana Saturday night, where the Presidential hopeful knocked back a beer and a shot of Whiskey. Building on recent damaging remarks by competitor Barack Obama,  that Hillary called “elitist” and “out of touch” , the booze was her showing herself relatable to the everyman. At Bronko’s she was just one of the locals with a tall glass of beer with a Whiskey chaser, and she was buzzin! 

 Hillary was like Norm from ‘Cheers‘ that night . Hey, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name! I bet she downed a few shots during the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Maybe, she had some Absinthe on the way to Bosnia? She could have confused the green fairy’s hallucinations with Sniper-fire? It all makes sense now!

Hillary’s Campaign gets Rocky

At all of her recent campaign stops, Hillary Clinton has played the theme to ‘Rocky’ as motivation.

“Could you imagine if Rocky Balboa had gotten halfway up those art museum stairs and said, ‘Well, I guess that’s about far enough’? That’s not the way it works,” Hillary said, referring to the famous scene in the first ‘Rocky’ movie.

Maybe Hillary hasn’t watched ‘Rocky’ in years, or maybe she has never seen it, but Rocky losses the final fight in the first film! To a black guy too! The only thing he does win is the love of his mate, Adrien. I don’t think Hillary has the same devotion in Bill! 


The Moment of Truth

Hillary clinto:the moment of truth

Hillary Clinton should stay away from the game show The Moment of Truth as her recollection of past events is borderlining on alzheimer’s. Claiming that she arrived in Bosnia in 1996 under “sniper fire” and saying that her party “ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base” ; footage was uncovered that showed the exact opposite. The 1996 file video shows what looks like Bosnian Girl Scouts greeting them at the landing strip. Unless those kids were throwing Thin-Mints at them, it looks like Hillary and co. were completely safe.
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The Clintonfield Monster

The Clintonfield Monster

Forget the Cloverfield monster, it’s the Clintonfield monster that can do damage; just ask Samantha Powers, Barack Obama’s former foreign policy advisor. Samantha resigned Friday after making the disparaging remark that Senator Hillary Clinton is a ” Monster”. Although, in politics you can sling piles of mud, lie, tell half-truth’s and innuendo; mentioning the Clintonfield monster can kill . . . your career!

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Super Tuesday 2.0

Super Tuesday 2.0

Its Hillary Clintstone’s last stand against charismatic democratic rival Borat Obama as Texas and Ohio voters cast their ballots on Super Tuesday 2! Mrs Clintstone is touting her experience, some say of pre-historic proportions, as an edge over newcomer Obama. Borat is still pushing his message of change and trying to show that he is different than anything that has come before.


Hillary Clintstone Rallies Support


Hillary Clintstone made a series of conference calls to fundraisers and Super Delegates Monday in an effort to shore up support for her campaign. Some of the callers say Mrs Clintstone sounded “Jaded” and that they are concerned for her campaign. Her run for the White House as been in a downward spiral after a series of Primary wins by challenger Barak Obama. The charismatic Senator from Illinois has swayed many of Hillary’s supporters as well as celebrity friends from Hollyrock. Some believe she has to win both Ohio and Texas comfortably, or she’s out. One things for sure, Shes not having a yabba dabba doo time!