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Madonna and Britney Tour?

Madonna and Britney Spears

Things are about to get stickier if reports are true that Madonna has extended the invitation to Britney Spears to join the Material Girl on her upcoming ‘Sticky & Sweet’ world tour. The once lip-locked pair could create the concert event of the year, and it could get Britney’s music career back on track.

Madonna in Evita singing to a frappuccino

Choosing Britney to join the Sticky and Sweet tour seems like a no-brainer? Brit usually has sticky Cheetos-fingers, and a sweet Frappuccino in the other hand. In fact, it looks like Britney has been preparing for this tour for years! Continue reading →

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A Rod’s wife “doesn’t believe”  Madonna and Alex are just friends.

‘Hello Dolly’ inspires Wall-E. (I just saw ‘Hello Dolly’ the other day, and it is great!)

These jeans will fit in just the right places!

Madonna and Guy Need a Holiday

Hard Counseling

With divorce rumors flying around quicker than a ray of light, Madonna’s mother-in law is speaking out saying that her sons marriage is not on the borderline, “because there is no divorce”, she says.  Hopefully Guy’s mum is not sugar-coating anything? She went on saying,

“They are no different to most other couples; We all know that being together can be hard sometimes and marriages are not always a bed of roses.”

Other “friends” have said the power couple plan to split after Madonna’s ‘Sticky and Sweet’ tour wraps in November. Guy Ritchie is reportedly heading to New York in one last-ditch effort to save his marriage.

It looks to me like they spend too much time apart. Guy should join Madonna on her tour, because, forget kabbalah, it’s music that makes the people come together! Remember that!


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Speculation about the state of Madonna’s marriage, continues.

Britain’s favorite Male Actor is ???  (Hint: He just turned 45)

Further proof that most young actors should not be singers!

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The Clone Wars trailer debuts tonight on these five networks.

Madonna announces ‘Sticky and Sweet’ tour.

Is Seinfeld still as good 10 years later?

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Here is the new ‘Mummy 3′ poster.

Paris Hilton is “wife material”.

Some pictures of Madonna’s free concert are here.

Madonna Defends Tom Cruise

Madonna and tom cruiseAfter saying that she wanted to “save Britney“, Madonna is now trying to give Tom Cruise’s tarnished image a much needed makeover. In doing so, she compares Tom to orphaned children in Malawi.

Sticking-up for Tom’s Scientology beliefs, Madonna told New York magazine “I don’t care if people worship turtles or frogs – if they’re good people, that’s all I care about, and he (Cruise) is a good person.

Maybe Tom should study Kabbalah? The ‘Evil-eye’ of Kabbalah feels more believable than the alien intergalactic ruler Xenu!

Madonna went on to say that Tommy ” gets a raw deal, just as I think the orphans in Malawi get a raw deal; just as I think a lot of marginalised people get a raw deal.”

Calling him marginalised sounds like a jab at his height. I guess its hard not to have fun with Tom?

cruise frog

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EW reviews Madonna’s Hard Candy.

This dog does not like Natalie Portman.

Tom’s son Connor Cruise, makes film debut.

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Paramount to open ‘Virtual Vault’.

Teri Hatcher will sing on American Idol.

Check out a video clip of Madonna/Justin’s ’4 Minutes(to save the world)

Madonna Re-Invents Casablanca


There have been rumors swirling among media outlets that Madonna will star in a remake of Casablanca and that the new version will take place in Iraq instead of Morocco. Of course there is no need to remake such a classic, but if it does get the green-light I would watch it just to see classic lines re-done like:

” We’ll always have Baghdad.”

” Round up the usual Insurgents.”

” Play it again, Mohammed.”

” Of all the Hookah-joints in all the towns of all the world . . .”

This could be alot of fun. Hey, it cant be any worse than . . .