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Miley Cyrus is Punky Brewster

Miley Cyrus is Punky

Further proof that there are less and less original story ideas around Hollywood; it is rumored that a Feature Film version of 80′s sitcom Punky Brewster is in development. On tap to star in the remake is none other than smiley Miley Cyrus. Fred Savage is in talks to direct. Fred directed ’Daddy Day-Care’ and a few episodes of ‘It’s always Sunny in Philadephia’; with that resume it looks like the production company is sparing no expense!

Miley is this years ‘It‘ tween,  but does she have Punky Power!? She already feels a bit old for the part. Original ‘Punky’, Soleil Moon Frey, was around 9 yrs old on the show, Miley is already a ripe 15; she wont need foster dad, Henry for long!

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Madonna Re-Invents Casablanca


There have been rumors swirling among media outlets that Madonna will star in a remake of Casablanca and that the new version will take place in Iraq instead of Morocco. Of course there is no need to remake such a classic, but if it does get the green-light I would watch it just to see classic lines re-done like:

” We’ll always have Baghdad.”

” Round up the usual Insurgents.”

” Play it again, Mohammed.”

” Of all the Hookah-joints in all the towns of all the world . . .”

This could be alot of fun. Hey, it cant be any worse than . . .