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Mondays hid-N-gems

Nike is making Marty McFly’s futuristic shoes!

’300‘ sequel is in the works.

Is Will Smiths new school related to Scientology?


Madonna Defends Tom Cruise

Madonna and tom cruiseAfter saying that she wanted to “save Britney“, Madonna is now trying to give Tom Cruise’s tarnished image a much needed makeover. In doing so, she compares Tom to orphaned children in Malawi.

Sticking-up for Tom’s Scientology beliefs, Madonna told New York magazine “I don’t care if people worship turtles or frogs – if they’re good people, that’s all I care about, and he (Cruise) is a good person.

Maybe Tom should study Kabbalah? The ‘Evil-eye’ of Kabbalah feels more believable than the alien intergalactic ruler Xenu!

Madonna went on to say that Tommy ” gets a raw deal, just as I think the orphans in Malawi get a raw deal; just as I think a lot of marginalised people get a raw deal.”

Calling him marginalised sounds like a jab at his height. I guess its hard not to have fun with Tom?

cruise frog

Tom Cruise to be J.Lo and Marc’s Godfather?

The Cruise father

Although Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are both Catholic, it is rumored that the couple have tapped Tom ‘Corleone’ Cruise to be the Godfather of their twins. Maybe it was the reported $200,000 Tom spent on baby gifts that gave the Scientologist the honor, or maybe he made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Jen’s dad is a Scientologist. Maybe he wanted them to be spiritually guided by old L.Ron mother Hubbard. Tom played it cool when approached to be Godfather, but I hear after they left . . .


“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” – the Godfather